How To Be Confidently Beautiful

Most people do not realize how beautiful they are yet we love it when someone truly appreciates our own beauty. Sometimes, it's hard for us to accept their compliments because we're not convinced enough in ourselves that we're that beautiful. That's why I am sharing you today 7 steps on how to be confidently beautiful even if we don't look like Pia Wurtzbach.
1. Appreciate your assets.
Maski unsa paka kabatig nawong sama sa giingon sa uban bahin nimo o sa mga nanaway nimo in the past, naa juy parte sa imong nawong o lawas na nindot o maanyag. Didto nato i-pokus atong atensyon kung tan-awon nato atong sarili atubangan sa samin especially if you're someone like me who didn't want to look at myself in front of the mirror. Yes, naabot ko ana na point sa akong life labi na tung nagkagrabe akong mga bugas. So, instead sa mga bugas ko magpokus ug tan-aw didto ko mutan-aw sa parte sa akong nawong na nindot para nako. I looked at my assets and started to appreciate …

Beauty Is Beyond What The Eyes Can See

Kita namo sa movie na MOMOL Nights? Portrayed by Kim Molina and Kit Thompson. Directed by Benedict Mique. Aside sa lesson nakuha sa bida (Kim Molina) sa iyang MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang) experience. Naa pakoy nakita na message sa movie na akong i-share sa inyo. Ang mensahe kay dili kelangan ikaw ang pinakaguapa in terms sa physical appearance magka-jowa ug guapo sama ni Kit Thompson.
TBH (To Be Honest) masuya na mairita ko magtan-aw sa commercial sa Maxi Peel katung commercial nila na dili na daw siya maminyo kay pangit siya tungod kay daghan siya'g bugas. My reaction, "Mura jowg ang nawong lang ang batayan para maminyo." Para nako this is total BS (Belief System) that limit us and prevent us to achieve our happiness.
Dili pud nako masisi ning mga bayhana kung mao ni ilang pagtuo kay mao sad ilang nasinati sa ilang kinabuhi. IRL (In Real Life), gikan sad ko diha. Pangitan pud ko sa akong sarili to the point na dili ko ganahan mutan-aw sa akong dagway sa salamin. I ha…

When God Destroyed My Life

Lipay kaayo ko tung gi-ayo ko sa Ginoo sa buyag. Mga lima ka bulan ko dili kalakaw ug walay findings ang mga doctor unsa akong sakit pero ingon sa duha ka mananambal na naibgan daw kog engkanto. Sa gusto makabalo mao ni ay ---> My Greatest Physical Battle
Naayo lage ko pero akong career, finaces, love life, family nagkaguliyang. Feeling nako wala nakoy career kay magsugod na pud ko sa uno. Akong mga team members sa Mary Kay wala na. Sa financial aspect, akong utang sa credit card na wala nako mabayri tung nasakit ko nagkagrabe na ang interest. Nagbulag pa mi sa akong uyab for 7 years. Suko pud nako akong family for so many reasons tungod grabe ilang expectations sa akoa na wala nako Nakaana lage ko. "Lord, gibuhi pa ko nimo unya mahanaw ra diay tanan nakong gipaghirapan. Maypag namatay na lang ko uiey kung mao ni." Heartaches after heartaches, disappointments after disappointments, kakapoy ba. Wala jud malikayi ug na-depressed jud ko.
Nakaana pud ko atong panahu…

The Path To Knowing Who I Am

When I began my spiritual journey last 2012, my life started going down the hall. When my life coach asked the question, "Who are you?" I was tongue-tied and speechless. Then, he said, "Ask that question to yourself. Who am I?" And so, I did but I really cannot find the answer for myself. In fact, that was the hardest question I had ever encountered in my life at that time. And that's when I realized, I was a lost soul. I did not know who I really am, taking into consideration that most people are being brainwashed to act in a certain way. What I mean by that is, I cannot really say that I am a hardworking person because it might be that I am only taught to act as a hardworking person. I cannot really say that I love shirts and shorts because I might be taught to wear and love those kinds of clothes. We are being programmed to think, do, and act in a certain way unless you become aware of who you really are and act upon it.

I guess the path for Spirituality begi…

Thoughts Are Things

I am going to share with you my personal experience the first time I came to know about Law of Attraction and I hope this will give you an understanding that thoughts will become things.
2009 was when I decided to study PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to add on my skills as an engineer so that I had a high probability of getting hired in-line to the course which I graduated, Electronics and Communication Engineering. At the end of the training, the instructors gave us some ebooks and a documentary movie to read and watch before we can get our certificate. The documentary movie that they gave us was The Secret: Law of Attraction. I watched it and I was pretty amazed. It resonated in my whole being given the consciousness I had at that time and it really felt good because it gave me an impression that I can change my life with my thoughts. Of course, as an engineer, I had a skeptical mind. My thoughts were, "Is this for real? Well, how will I know if I won't try and apply th…

My Life Purpose

My parents and I had a fight about an incident that happened in our business and they blamed me for my reaction. My parents wanted me to change. Every time I told them there's nothing wrong with me so I do not need to change. Their faces were like "WHAT?!?! Are you nuts? You are going crazy with what you have been doing all along." And they started criticizing me again of how my life was deteriorating and my age was increasing. Their criticisms were killing me as if they were stabbing a knife all throughout my body. I felt emotional shocked because they favored the other person more than me and so I should be the one to adjust and change my attitude. I cannot take it anymore and so I went out, walked, until I stumbled upon a cafe. I ordered cake and tea. After I ate them, I let my body fell on the sofa like I was dying. The trauma I had when I was a child went back, the one I shared with you on "Shame On Me". They did not understand me at all and they had no pl…

Allow Others To Love You

On my previous blog "Shame On Me", I shared with you how I shut down emotionally. Well, we all know that emotional pain is more tormenting than physical pain. Emotional abuse is more terrible than physical abuse. I did that when I was a child because I did not want to get hurt anymore. But, when we numb ourselves from pain, we also numb ourselves from love. Therefore, I did not know how to love and to be affectionate. It was unknown to me and so no wonder no one can love me as much as I wanted to be loved. After my breakdown this year which I shared on "It's Okay Not To Be Okay", it made me become aware of how low my self-worth is and how I hated myself for all these years. Therefore, I did not love myself in my deepest core. Yeah, sad truth. And so, I dedicated this year to love myself again unconditionally and completely 100%. 
One more thing, based on what I have learned from Teal Swan's video which I posted on "Why We Broke Up?", that we learn …